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Welcome To Feed Your Seed 

Our mission is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of all infants and toddlers whether breast or formula fed.
Our purpose is to educate mothers on nursing, correct usage of formula as well as educating moms on what to expect before, during and after pregnancy by using the proper tools given by lactation specialist in our Community
Feed Your Seed strives to protect the decisions of mothers that chose different feeding methods such as nursing, bottle feeding, tandem nursing, etc.
Feed Your Seed also works to promote and encourage mothers to live a healthy lifestyle and receive immediate assistance with feeding complications or other difficulties with the help of  Lactation Specialist located in the Upstate and surrounding areas. 


IN-OFFICE EXAMS (coming soon)

Home visits are available! Please call today for an appointment!

Breastfeeding Classes 


Our classes are taught by superior Certified Lactation Specialists and provide the most effective breastfeeding methods for mamas whose little muffins are still cooking in the oven. Our classes start at any stage of pregnancy. If you would like hands-on lactation support our CLCs are on stand-by to accommodate your needs.

Family Planning Classes


Planning a family can be a precious moment in many couples' lives when it is done at the RIGHT time. Our goal is to provide the necessary help to make sure that any couple, man, or woman who has a child(ren), has proper resources that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to meet their needs as a family.

Birthing & Lamaze Classes 


While they may sound the same, they're really different! Our incredible specialists here at F.Y.S give substantial info during our birthing classes, which prepares mama for the coming of the baby. You'll learn things like what to expect before, during and after labor, what birthing looks like and descriptions on how it may feel.  Lamaze classes are taught to mothers to educate them on various breathing techniques that encourage an effortless (and fingers crossed!) painless labor. 

Mommy & Me Play Dates 

That's right! Play Dates! MMPD's are for those hardworking mamas that just need a break. Our Play Dates are sponsored by our F.Y.S staff to allow Mommies time to kick back and relax while their little one enjoys time with other little tots in our magnificent new Kiddios Korner. Mama can unwind for a short time and be rest assured that her precious one is in great care! 

Parenting Lifestyle Classes


Becoming a parent is both an amazing and scary thing! Our phenomenal team offers exceptional information on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your child(ren) and nourish them physically, mentally and emotionally. 




Spartanburg and Surrounding areas Most Breastfeeding Friendly Clinic

Meet The Fierce Leader  of F.Y.S
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