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About Your Fearless Leader...

Hey there!


I’m Jamarius Collins (aka Benji :)) and I am the Founder, President and CEO of Feed Your Seed - Community Outreach and Breastfeeding Service. I am your local, friendly neighborhood lactation consultant and I’m here for YOU.


I am a mother of a beautiful sunflower Ms. Aubrey and my angel baby KJ who earned his wings sooner than I planned, but he’s still in my heart. My sunflower nursed for 3 years! YES! 3 YEARS! We did have some challenges along the way, but breastfeeding was the most rewarding experience for the both of us.


So, a little about Feed Your Seed; FYS (Feed Your Seed) is a small non-profit group that was given to me in a vision to educate moms on the benefits of breastfeeding and self-care and to also help with the breastfeeding/nursing process. I also educate on healthy lifestyle living, family planning and I will soon offer breastfeeding and parenting classes for moms, dads and families in need of information or for those who just want to brush up on what’s happening in our community.


My job as a lactation specialist is to not only educate, but also to support. I know what it’s like to be a first time mom and to struggle heavily with the nursing process because 1.) no one in my family breastfed or 2.) no one was offering the support I needed. I know what it’s like to have my little vampire baby drain me every 10 minutes (or at least that’s what it felt like). I know the sheer dread of latching because (yep, you guessed it!) latching was gonna be painful and drive me nuts. I know how it feels to pump and only get a few drops here and there and feel discouraged, but I didn’t give up! I stayed strong through the process! Guess what, YOU CAN, TOO! There's something about nursing  that brings tears to my eyes to see a mother give her baby her best - her milk! And I want to be here to help you every single step of the way on your journey because you and your precious little one deserve it! 


Breastfeeding may seem difficult and almost impossible for some, but I promise you it can and WILL get better! I can help! Feel free to text, call or email me with any questions or concerns. Advice and hands-on help is FREE!


Feed Your Seed is here for YOU! Let’s Sow and Grow TOGETHER!

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