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Who Are We?

Feed Your Seed is a non-profit organization located in Spartanburg, SC. We are geared towards mom, baby and family! Our goal at FYS is to promote health and wellness through successful, nurturing methods by encouraging all mothers and families to live healthy lifestyles and to educate  them on the life long benefits of a great first start by providing that precious bundle of joy with the most nutritious meal a mom could ever offer - Mama's Milk! 

Your Friendly Local Lactation Consultant - ME!! :)

Feed Your Seed was founded by the president of the organization (Jamarius - That's ME!) who was given a vision 4 years ago to not only expound on the topic of breastfeeding, but to also offer support to low-income moms and families that are interested and also adamant about better lifestyle living. Jamarius has built a phenomenal team of exceptional women in the community who believe in the mission and vision of Feed Your Seed. Our Mission at F.Y.S is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of all infants and toddlers whether breast or formula fed. Our purpose is to educate mothers about breastfeeding and formula feeding. We also strive to educate families on what to expect before, during and after pregnancy by using the proper tools given by lactation specialist and physicians in our community. F.Y.S specifically deals with the well being of mother and child and we strives to protect the decisions of mothers that chose different feeding methods such as breastfeeding at any age or stage. Feed Your Seed works to promote and encourage mothers to live a healthy lifestyle and receive immediate assistance with breastfeeding complications or other difficulties with the help of Physicians, Certified Lactation Consultants, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and Doulas across the Upstate that we have partnered with. Happy Breastfeeding! 

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